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 We’re the ‘unfair’ advantage

Give your start up business the unfair competitive advantage. The Innovation Center/Park (NIIC) was formed to give all motivated entrepreneurs — Scientists, Inventors, Developers, Freelancers and Business Owners of all sizes — the advantages, amenities, and business support infrastructure typically found only in large established corporations. NIIC is your advocate and partner in the development of your business – we’re your personal entrepreneurial resource center dedicated to helping you execute smarter, faster, and better. As a matter of fact, those entrepreneurs that utilize NIIC resources are five times more likely to succeed and grow five times faster giving you a true competitive edge.

The Innovation Center leverages the advantages of scale, size, and critical mass in order to provide and deliver excellence in the comprehensive business development assistance, coaching, access to capital, support infrastructure and network offered to our clients. These important services we have found over time assist our clients in uccessfully competing in the marketplace while accelerating the likelihood of their business success.

Often, entrepreneurs have found being an entrepreneur to be “lonely” and challenging with lots of doors shut and few opened when they are launching their business venture. The Innovation Center/Park has created an unparalleled and highly orchestrated service and support experience  with the entrepreneur and his/her team in mind. Over twelve years, the Innovation Center has finely tuned our business model to make sure we deliver what is vital for your venture or business to succeed. In the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center/Park, our dedicated leadership team works ‘hand and glove’ with our venture teams to provide you access to other entrepreneurial leaders like you who can be a valuable source of ideas, suggestions, and feedback.

Come join Northeast Indiana’s largest think tank and the only hub for innovation. The Innovation Center/Park is the success address for your business venture. Simply put, physical space matters. It fosters an innovative environment and inspired workplace for connecting, networking, collaborating, developing, recruiting, expanding and executing on your venture’s most critical commitments and milestones. Success doesn’t happen by accident. Surround yourself with expert resources, business coaches, entrepreneurial leaders, knowledgeable service providers and change agents who are focused on business and personal growth every day. Call or email a business coach now ( and find out how to become a client. It simply may be the best move you can make personally for you and for your business venture.




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